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Started: 09 July 2016

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Lucifer - Genesis Review- ****SPOILERS****
I've just finished reading this book and thought I'd post my thoughts about it, and the other PD Lucifer books, here for others to discuss and share.

As with the two preceding books in the trilogy this book introduces new elements to the Blake's 7 universe that did not exist in the original series and seems to go against some of the more recent full cast audio dramas.

As others have discussed in the past the we have always been led to believe that the Federation was an all-seeing, all pervasive dictatorial regime. In the first book Paul introduced a new player, the Chinese, which play a very prominent role in this latest book. The make-up of the Federation is also discussed in great detail and seems to be made up of European, Russian and American elements all plotting against each other. Again this seems to go against the grain of what we've always been led to believe the Federation was like.

Servalan's back story may be plausible - however much of it again seems to go against what we've been led to believe both in the original series and in more recent audios.

For me personally this latest book is seemingly full of inaccuracies. However Paul seems to cover this off with a very small paragraph prior to the start of Prologue 1 with the statement 'the victor...decides how 'history' should be written'.

The Discrepancies / my personal 'difficulties'
Travis having foreknowledge that Blake had escaped The London whilst attending a reception with Servalan. Although it is inferred that the two knew each other in the TV series I don't recall Travis having prior knowledge of the assignment prior to Seek-Locate-Destroy. Similarly Blake assumed that Travis was dead right up until that episode but in Prologue 2 he doesn't seem shocked/surprised about Travis still living.

The events surrounding 'Time Squad' seem to have been totally re-written with the introduction of Cally being managed in a totally different way.

Similarly the interactions between Avon, Blake and other members of the crew seem very different to how we've seen them in the past. This could be because the story is written from Avon's perspective and caveated from his introductory paragraph. Still it doesn't quite sit right.

Other problems I have are Servalan assassinating the Federation President and the circumstances surrounding Travis's trial and subsequent escape previously seen in 'Trial'.

I could go on with other examples but you get the gist.

As with the other two books there are lots of scientific errors which just wouldn't happen in real-world. However I can move past those as who knows what may or may not be possible in years to come or where our understanding will change. Also after reading a blog by Jonathan Morris, a long-time Big Finish writer (http://underthree...ction.html) if it helps the story so be it.

My biggest complaint, if that is the right word, is that this whole trilogy is a massively missed opportunity for Paul to have told the story of Avon post-GP as he had discussed with Terry Nation. I don't believe for a minute that this is that story. As much as I love the character of Avon, as much as I continue to love Blake's 7 I just can't bring myself to like this book or the whole trilogy.

Others may disagree and will be able to look past the re-invention of the past but for me I can't. As others have said very vocally on this forum before, the B7 Media take on the Blake's 7 universe was wrong and should never have been made in a lot of opinions (not mine - I enjoyed them immensely). What Paul has done here is effectively the same - he's written the story of Blake's 7 from his characters perspective and also with the gift of hindsight on how it may be written today.

For me, in summary, it is a totally missed opportunity to flesh out what happened after Gauda Prime. In some ways some of the blame has to lie with Big Finish as publishers and editors of the book. Whilst they have done a totally brilliant job on the full cast audios and the Liberator Chronicles, the ball has well and truly been dropped on this trilogy. Such a shame.
Thank you, 49ermadfan for your review of the Lucifer Trilogy. You are not alone in your views as I think everything you have written is pretty much exactly how I feel about the books too: a massive disappointment for me which had nothing really to do with the Blake's 7 universe. I know others who do not take that point of view, and that is fine, but for me- a waste of effort and I would have rather Big Finish had published the volumes under something other than the Blake's 7 range, because except for Avon and the faint mentions of a few others of that universe, there is nothing remotely similar to the Blake's 7 tv series, and more's the pity. Thank goodness for the Big Finish audios! I appreciated your thoughtful review!
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