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Star Trek: Discovery
The 3rd season of TNG had some pretty good episodes. Yesterday's Enterprise, Sins of the Father, The Offspring, Captain's Holiday, Best of Both Worlds part 1 and more.
Oops, I still didnīt get beyond episode 1. I am a big ST fan and I want to give it a fair chance so I will watch it on Netflix tonight.
But I think the main character is extremely unlikeable and miscast. And the behaviour from episode 1 alone would be considered as a mutiny and would be probably sentenced to prison or kicked out from the service in a real life (or any other show that wants to present a service in a military and be take seriously). I know this is Starfleet so they were supposed to be more of a peacekeeping force (at first, anyway, probably forgot about the idea by episode 1 of TOS Grin ) but this is silly.
Donīt be Lasagne
Angry Angel
She was sentenced to prison, for life. Even though it's not a mutiny, that requires conspiracy with other people. Lorca has a reason to get her released, though he does it rather sneakily, and we don't really know his motives yet. I like Burnham, that she thinks in a Vulcan way, but is also very passionate.
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