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Started: 09 July 2016

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Star Cops - from Big Finish
Joe Dredd
David Calder, Trevor Cooper and Linda Newton reprise their roles in Big Finish's new audio line: Star Cops relaunches.
Angry Angel
That seems like a good show to transfer into audio form, it didn't run for very long and you can tell all sorts of stories.
President Solvite
Yes that series had so much potential, and the audio medium is a great way for that series to be expanded.
I am *so* looking forward to this, I loved the original!

... but .8 wonder why Chris Boucher is not the author of any of the stories?
Maybe if he just does some of his usual superb script editing, that'll allow some of his brilliant magic into the dialog...
President Solvite
Yes indeed which other movies shall he pinch from? I mean that as a compliment of course. He mentioned a quote he wanted to use in one of the Together Again interviews which would probably work either here or in Blakes 7.

But IMO This is what I want Big Finish to be doing...

Whilst I don't mind infilling the odd gap here and there within a series, I, personally would like a series expansion, ie. continuing on from the conclusion from whichever series they do whether it is Who, Blakes 7 or Star Cops. So long as it ties in with the generally accepted canon and doesn't do anything too extreme I am all for this. Dare I say I am actually excited at both this and the Blake's 7 Way Ahead Story (mentioned elsewhere)
I never saw the original, but my curiosity is aroused by this.
President Solvite
dragonq wrote:

I never saw the original, but my curiosity is aroused by this.

Ahh its good stuff, and was just getting into a nice natural flow when it got cancelled. Exacerbated by industrial action in the BBC at the time.

Might be on YouTube somewhere.. Not sure if DVD's are still available
I don’t think it made it onto Australian television. I remember UK friends talking about it. If it had been around I would have watched it because of the Chris Boucher connection.
All 9 episodes are on YouTube. I watched them all only last month. Think the channel name is Whoivian69 or similar. They all in 10 minute parts though.

I will be pre-ordering the two sets as soon as money allows. Only £45 for the download bundle.
Joe Dredd
Star Cops - Mother Earth Part 1 - 30th June 2018.

Star Cops debuted on BBC2 in 1987, the brainchild of Doctor Who and Blake's 7 writer Chris Boucher, aimed as a police procedural set in the new frontier of commercialised space exploration. Mother Earth Part 1 contains four stories:

1.1 One of Our Cops is Missing by Andrew Smith.
1.2 Tranquility and Other Illusions by Ian Potter.
1.3 Lockdown by Christopher Hatherall and
1.4 The Thousand Ton Bomb by Guy Adams.

The series hero Nathan Spring is played by David Calder, one of Britain's most regarded stage and screen actors. He is joined by several new characters created for these fresh Star Cops adventures, with Priya Basu played by Eastenders regular Rakhee Thakrar. CAST: David Calder (Nathan Spring / Box), Trevor Cooper (Colin Devis), Linda Newton (Pal Kenzy), Rakhee Thakrar (Priya Basu), Philip Olivier (Paul Bailey).

Looking forward to this. I will definitely get these discs!
great bbc series. wonderful writing, great theme song, Justin Hayward - will definitely grab the big finish issues
Joe Dredd
Excerpt available from Big Finish: Click!
Joe Dredd
The two new Star Cops audios from Big Finish are up for pre-order:

Star Cops: Mars Part 1 - December 2019

It’s the near future, and mankind has expanded its presence in space. Maintaining law and order beyond Earth is the responsibility of the International Space Police Force, known colloquially as the Star Cops. Their leader is Commander Nathan Spring.

There are no Star Cops on Mars, and Nathan Spring intends to put that right. He travels to the red planet hoping to rally the colonists’ support for setting up an ISPF office, but he faces resistance from those who feel Mars has no need of police.

Soon, though, Nathan and his officers are involved in incidents of theft, violence and murder. They may get the chance to prove they’re needed, if they can get through their investigations alive.

2.1 The New World by Andrew Smith

Nathan, Devis and Kenzy arrive on Mars after a six-month journey from Earth. They’ve come to set up a Star Cop base, but Mars is a very different environment from the one they’re used to on the moon. They have their work cut out to convince some colonists of the need for law enforcement. They have no powers, no guns, and few friends.

Nathan sees an opportunity to prove their worth when there are reports of water thefts and disorder at a colony near Olympus Mons. He and Kenzy are invited to investigate, unofficially. Then a body is discovered, and the Star Cops have to work fast to prevent tensions escalating into further violence.

2.2 The Shadow of This Red Rock by Una McCormack

Nathan and Kenzy find themselves marooned in the Martian desert with a prisoner whose friends will soon arrive to attempt a violent rescue. Help arrives in the form of a reclusive colonist. Soon they’re all being chased across the desert by the prisoner’s friends, who seem able to anticipate every effort to shake them off.

Meanwhile, Devis has his own troubles. An attempt to come to his friends’ rescue goes wrong, and he finds himself at the mercy of colonists who hold his life in their hands.

Matters will come to a head in a perilous stand-off on the four-mile-high cliffs of the Mariner Valley canyon.

2.3 Whatever Happened to Gary Rice? by Guy Adams

After the Star Cops receive a cryptic message about a man who may once have worked at a colony in the Argyre Basin, they make their way there to investigate. They find a co-operative community that thrives by growing an organic food source, which it sells to other colonies. But no-one seems to remember the man the Star Cops are looking for.

Nathan visits a neighbouring scientific research base, where nutritionist Dr Julienne Grainger has information that may resolve the mystery of the missing colonist.

As the Star Cops get closer to discovering the truth, there are those who are prepared to kill to keep it secret.

Star Cops: Mars Part 2 - June 2020

2.4 Bodies of Evidence by Andrew Smith

2.5 Human Kind by KD Lewinson

2.6 The Highest Ground by Andrew Smith

Story details to follow.
just got this
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