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Started: 09 July 2016

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Audio fault on Terminal on the DVDs?
I noticed an audio fault on Terminal on the DVD. It is where Tarrant asks Avon if they are still on course for some planet. It is on the UK and Dutch releases. I assumed it was just a fault on the UK release but the same fault is on the Dutch complete set.
Is this the spot you mean?

[Flight deck. Avon and Tarrant are present.]
AVON: I'm tired, but I would like the flight deck to myself for a while longer.
TARRANT: No problem.
AVON: Thank you.
TARRANT: Avon, are we still on route for Calipheron? Are we?
TARRANT: You've changed course?
AVON: Obviously.
TARRANT: You had no right to do that.

What is the nature of the audio fault you detected? Please provide more detail of exactly what you hear that seems awry?
I listen to B7 episodes on headphones, so curious to know what my ear might've missed.
Security Robot
There's a dropout when Tarrant speaks.........changed Course.
Yes. Glad it is mot just me then. I thought before I bought the Dutch release that it was just a faulty disc.

There was no such fault when it was released on VHS back in 1992. Clearly something has happened to the master 2 inch tape since.
Yes that is a digital quirk, only on all dvds but not the old VHS tapes..and there is also another similar one in the beginning of Voice From The Past! When Vila says on the Flight Deck as Blake leaves after saying "Resume automatics", and Vila says "Blake? Blake?! No Vila iv never been to Del 10 before..im in serious need of the Betas (beta particles), as are we all"..
When i first noticed, I too was scared I had scratched discs, but these 2 errors are on the BBC when they remastered B7..
I knew I wasn't the only one to notice those errors!
Grade Four Ignorant
Is the same error on the recent UK rerelease of the DVD?
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