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Started: 09 July 2016

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The Reimagined Audios
I suspect this is going to be a bit controversial...

I came across these fairly early in my time with Blake's 7 in the long gap between seeing the first four episode on VHS and being convinced to give the Big Finish stuff a listen. I ended up coming across them at Chicago TARDIS back in 2012 and bought them at what seemed a good price. I've recently re-listened to the three audios (Rebel, Traitor and Liberator) and I still hugely enjoy them. The cast is good (though admittedly it takes some getting used to with a couple of them once I got the original cast voices in my head) and the sound design is first rate but given it's Alister Lock who now does the audios for Big Finish I'm not surprised. A shame that it ends on a never to be resolved cliffhanger...

I understand that a lot of people don't seem to like them very much. Maybe the fact that I came to them early on might be why I seem to be an exception to the rule. That said, as far as reboots go, it's still quite faithful to the original series while also going in some new directions.

Am I banned now? Pfft

Joe Dredd
I was listening to the Zen prequel, "Escape Velocity", again only yesterday.

Alistair Lock does a great job as Zen (and on sound).
Escape Velocity is the best of those audio's together with the Early Years series featuring Jan and Michael.

That said, the Big Finish material is light years ahead of these audios.
When approached with an open-mind and without any pre-conceptions these are highly enjoyable audios that keep the basic premise of the classic series but make changes where needed.

The Early Years adventures for the most part are also enjoyable and also give back stories to the re-imagined characters. It is a shame that they never produced the final Early Years adventures for Blake and Servalan as planned.

The last CD did end on a cliff-hanger similar to the one at the end of series A which unfortunately looks unlikely ever to be resolved (apart from we know that they do escape).
I also got a guilty pleasure out of listening to them.

Production quality was excellent, and generally the stories were high quality too.

The early years were probably my favourites, although I wasn't too sure about 'Eye of the machine'.

But interesting getting some background on Travis and Cally, and Escape Velocity was also good.

Agree, it's a shame that the cliffhanger it ended on will probably never be resolved.
I have recently bought these as the Big Finish site was selling the set very cheaply. Previously I had only listened to them on the radio, and found them a bit ho-hum. To be honest, I could remember very little about them.

I have just listened to the first one again and found it better this time around. It's really just the first three episodes reworked into one, but I enjoyed some of the bits that expanded on the original stories. The cast is a bit of a mixed bag. Blake I thought very good. I was also very impressed by Travis and, to a lesser extent, Servalan. Jenna and Gan are ok. Colin Salmon as Avon has a lovely speaking voice but that's about all, and Vila ...er. No. He sounds like crim of the week out of an 80s cop show. Vila is a multi-faceted character, indolent, intelligent , foolish and annoying. He has many faults, but Michael Keating managed to make him funny and a bit charming as well, and I don't see that here. The India Fisher character is a nothing, too; Michael Praed's Sorrin was much more interesting, and frankly, I can't help thinking there was a missed casting opportunity here; based on Sorrin, he might have made a very interesting Avon.

At the time these were released, there was so much negative reaction on this forum it was a bit hard to approach these audios in the right frame of mind. I think we all desperately wanted new Blake's 7, but this was not what a lot of people anticipated and there was a real fear that this was our last chance and that if they blew it everything was over. Now we have the Big Finish audios to fill that need, I think the reimagined version can be assessed more dispassionately. I am going to keep listening and see what I think.
I bought them in the Big Finish sale, also. My brain kept expecting the voices and plot details I remembered from the TV stories, so that bit was a little jarring. They are good stories, once you get past that. I'll have to re-listen to them, once I get finished with my current Blake's 7 re-watch. I want to listen again with an eye (ear?) toward taking greater note of the similarities and difference.
I've now listened to a few. I've quite enjoyed some of them. Don't like the way Gan is portrayed (he was much more intelligent than they seem to think) and the first Vila was awful, but I have continued to enjoy some of the other performances. They are definitely better without the radio cuts.
Started re-listening to these today, just finished Rebel. It's a better story than I remembered. I guess, as I said above, I had to get past expecting it to be like the television series.
I enjoyed the Cally one, with jan Chappell as one of her clone sisters
The Cally one was actually one of my least favorite of the bunch.

Finished listening, enjoyed it overall.
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