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Started: 09 July 2016

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August 2018 Ficlet Challenge
Thank you Brad and Lorna! I have an idea for another fic set later the same evening, which I'll write over the weekend.
Ellen York
TheElfandherFriends wrote:

Thank you Brad and Lorna! I have an idea for another fic set later the same evening, which I'll write over the weekend.

Love the idea of Avon and Vila at a ritzy party and each enjoying it in their own way. I'll be looking forward to the sequel.
One Spare Part
Lorna wrote:

BradPaula wrote:

TheElfandherFriends wrote:

whooo hoo - first ever fic! Angry

Congratulations! I liked your fan fic!

So did I

Me too.
"We're in the centre of a mystical convergence here."
One Spare Part
rojroj wrote:

Raine -- a very good depiction of Avon's childhood, and quite believable, too!

Athough he's a genius, I guess that in some ways he's no different from other children -- as all children at that age get attached to their toys and endow them with life and personality... How cruel that this was taken away from him.

Feeling the emotion Rainesz. Fits in very well with Avon as we know him.
"We're in the centre of a mystical convergence here."
Feeling the emotion Rainesz. Fits in very well with Avon as we know him.

@one spare part: Thanks! I was waiting for the right prompt to use my little idea about Avon and a robot dog. I hadn't expected it to be as sad as it turned out to be.
Well every one else is off the mark with some fabulous stories.
So here's my Labour effort..
...as the Revels Saga continues where 'Blake' left off......
And another piccie by Lurena as well!

The Revels Saga:
The Finale
Part Two

Labour of Love

“So, you have finally got what you wanted,” Soolin smiled.
“Yes I have, haven’t I?” Avon replied.
“Was it worth it?”
“I’ll let you know.”
Both he and Soolin were in the viewing gallery of the old Mars Incorporated Company Manufacturing Plant, rediscovered by Blake and put back online for his own purposes and now in Avon’s possession; a parting gift from Blake.
They were both staring down at the production plant, once again in business, with Vila rubbing his hands in delight as each new concoction came off the production line...
“Well, Vila is happy,” Soolin continued,” Chief Chocolatier with his own band of red, fur clad helpers…A labour of love, he called it”
“Labour…I don’t think I’ve ever seen him work so hard; usually he tries to avoid any sort of exertion. And don’t forget, he’s also got that lake he’s always dreamed of...”
“Hmmm? He told me that he would have to look to see if you were around just in case you should feel the need to push him in. Why would he say that?”
“I’ve no idea…”
“And Dayna is in her element; trying out each chocolate delight and working on new weapons for the rebel alliance.”
Avon nodded absently.
“And Tarrant is the top gun, so to speak,” murmured Soolin, also bewildered at Vila’s sudden labour intensive mood, “… flying those same chocolate cargoes and weapons to the new independent systems.”
“Yes, it all seems to have worked out fine…”
“But not for you, has it?”
Avon was thoughtful. He had two regrets. One was that Cally wasn’t here; the other was that the woman who had ultimately caused her death was still out there.
“Are you still angry with Blake?”
“Annoyed, if anything…”
“You know, you could just leave. You now have the wherewithall. What’s to stop you?”
“What indeed?”
“You have the galaxy’s largest supply of Revels; Family packs as well as those smaller ones…”
“The ones that got me into this mess in the first place…”
“Will you ever forgive Blake?”
“Eventually…Now, what about you?” Avon asked.
Soolin was caught off guard by that question.
“I suppose I could stay around here for the moment…”
“There’s no need…”
“And miss out on all these new chocolate delights?”
“And what about that charming gentleman that you met? The one who made you an offer.”
“It’s very tempting…”
Vila chose that moment to enter; highly excited and beaming from ear to ear.
“I wasn’t aware that there was a party,” Soolin smiled.
“No, these. Small versions of all your favourite Mars Inc sweets in one big box. Look; Mars Bars, Milky Ways…..”
Avon watched Soolin delve deeply into the brightly coloured box.
“Your turn,” Vila said to Avon, “Try one…and not a Revel in sight.”
“If you insist.”
Avon stared at Vila, who smiled sweetly back.
Soolin watched them both.
Somehow she was really going to miss all this…………….

Cold.....you don't know the meaning of cold.
Cold is when you have ice on the INSIDE of the window!!!

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