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Started: 09 July 2016

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House Guests
Cygnus Bazza
Picking up from the 'names' thread...

Which of the posse would have made the best house guest at Christmas or some other such time of communal cheer?

To my mind, probably Cally. I'm sure she'd have pitched in to help with the washing up and thrown herself into a game of charades with great gusto. As for Avon, he might be a bit of a killjoy but at least he'd be able to help you iron out those irritating long-term glitches with your laptop/wifi. Vila would simply clean out your drinks cabinet (and probably hoover all the Twiglets). I reckon Blake would just talk 'shop' most of the time. Soolin would be world-class at POV Playstation games and wipe the floor with everyone on the Wii. Meanwhile Gan would be out in the back garden stabilising your wobbly fence panel, even if you hadn't asked him to.
Oh! Oh! Oh! I love thinking about stuff like this!! I think all of them except perhaps Vila. Much as I love him I wouldn’t want him in my house. He’d probably be one of those people who gets wasted and then tries to cook something and ends up burning down the house.

Why do I get the feeling Cally would be really good at pillow fights??
Cygnus Bazza
Agreed! Cally would also be first one up in the morning and stick the kettle on. Vila would spill milk in the fridge and probably break a cistern at some point too. Avon would head out for a grumpy morning walk, on his own, and not tell anyone where he'd been when he got back. Blake would still be talking 'shop' at breakfast. Tarrant would have a long lie-in. Jenna would skip breakfast and try to get everyone to play a game of tag laserquest, but Dayna and Soolin would trump her by organising a game of hide and seek-locate-destroy. Gan would go out and take another look at that fence panel.
On a similar topic, when we interview the cast & crew, we always finish by asking which of the B7 characters they'd like to take to a bar. We got some great answers, for example:

Paul Darrow:
"Unsurprisingly, perhaps, Servalan would be my choice. But it wouldn't be to a bar - I'd take her to a Michelin starred restaurant!"

Sally Knyvette:
"I think Cally and I would go to a bar and pick up unusual individuals. We'd hang around for some interesting space pirates who show real potential and zest for life, and who have some get up and go!"

Cavan Scott (Big Finish producer):
"Vila would be good to go for a drink with, because he would make you laugh and you know you're going to be there for the long haul, a bit of a session. The trouble is, he would drink you out of all your money, wouldn't he? But Vila's the obvious one, and I don't want to be that obvious... No, I'd love to go for a drink with Servalan. Because let's face it, it would be a fabulous drink! It would be very dangerous as well, the most dangerous date in the galaxy. Yeah, I'd go for a drink with Servalan and hopefully survive!"

John Ainsworth (Big Finish Producer)
"It would have to be Cally. I think she would be an interesting companion and the easiest to have a conversation with - even if we disagreed on certain subjects, she would at least listen to my point of view."

Christopher Cooper (Big Finish writer):
"I wouldn’t want to go to a bar with just one of the characters. It would be nice to have a little group, for a pint and a chat. Vila is the first one who springs to mind. He’d tell some funny stories, it would be a fun evening. But you’d have to watch him, because he’d probably get tipsy and take it a bit too far.
I wouldn’t invite Avon or Blake. It could get a bit heated if you went to a pub with Avon - you’d end up having a difference of opinion, or he’d just sneer at you. The same with Blake, except it would get political. You wouldn’t want to have the Brexit conversation with Blake!
Cally would be fun to hang out with, and Jenna would be a good laugh too. Possibly Tarrant, he might let his hair down and relax, but we’ve got history and it might be uncomfortable. Dayna would be too busy working on some weapon design, so she’d decline the invite anyway. And I wouldn’t trust Soolin in a bar. She’d get into a fight!
So, I’d like to go to the pub with Vila, Cally and Jenna – and Gan, if he wasn’t dead by that point. Afterwards, we’d go on somewhere like Pizza Express. That would be a really nice evening!"

Una McCormack (Big Finish Writer):

"Oh, Vila, obviously. It would be huge fun. You'd end up out of pocket – you'd have paid for all the drinks and he'll have nicked your wallet, but you'll have been to the best bars and had an absolute hoot!"

Trevor Baxendale (Big Finish Writer):
"None of them, really - I can't think of any that would be great company in a bar. Soolin would be great to walk in with, but she'd probably get bored very quickly and shoot me just for target practice!"

And if you'd like to read the full interviews, you can find them HERE
Twitter: @TravisinaB7
Tumblr: tumblr
A statement of fact cannot be insolent
Joe Dredd
GanMiniMe wrote:
Why do I get the feeling Cally would be really good at pillow fights??

Well, there is one episode where she seems to be walking around in her pyjamas...
Cygnus Bazza
Regarding the bar thing, I'd want Avon on my darts team (his icy cool would be a real asset when picking off double sixteen) while I bet Dayna would be an absolute hotshot at pool. But who would be permanently on their mobile/cell phone while you were trying to talk to them? Soolin?
Travisina, thanks so much for those snippets! Quite interesting to see how several of them highlighted the risks of drinking with Vila, but not everybody would have been put off by them!!

I agree that a group would be more interesting than a single character- the chemistry between them all really made the show. But I’d love to drink with Gan (perhaps unsurprisingly). I’ve often had the feeling that he is a much more interesting character than was explored in the show. He isn’t the dominant personality in the group, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have any at all- he just doesn’t feel the need to flaunt it.

The idea of having Blakes 7 as house guests has prompted me to imagine a fanfic where they’re staying at mine!! It’s kept me entertained on the bus ride home this evening...
Cygnus Bazza
I, quite literally, cannot wait to read that!
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