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Started: 09 July 2016

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Big Finish full cast audios - 1.4 Mirror
trevor travis
My ratings, so apologies if anyone disagrees:

The Turing Test 9
Solitary 8
Counterfeit 6
The Magnificent Four 9
False Positive 8
Wolf 8
(Warship 9)
Armageddon Storm (Part 1) 7
Armageddon Storm (Part 2) 8
Armageddon Storm (Part 3) 6
Promises 9
Epitaph 3
Kerr 8
Logic 10
Risk Management 7
Three 10+
Incentive 9
Jenna's Story 5
Blake's Story 6
Spy 7
Disorder 9
The Hard Road 8
President 9
The Sea Of Iron 4
Spoils 10
Defector 7
Planetfall 6
Secrets 9
Velandra 9*need another listen - could be a 10!
Retribution 7
Ministry Of Peace 5
Brother 7
Poison 9
Escape From Destiny 5
Remnants 8
Corners Of The Mind 8
Capital 7
Punishment 9

Fractures 9
Battleground 7
Drones 5
Mirror 7
trevor travis
Thanks for your company - see you tomorrow for Mission To Destiny!
Can't wait for the resolution next week. See you all then. 'Night.
Zil: Oneness must resist the Host.
Ellen York
Thanks for the company. Goodnight all.
Thanks for the company, everyone!
Good luck with all your snow, Paula - keep warm!
My views are my own.

VILA: I'm entitled to my opinion.
AVON: It is your assumption that we are entitled to it as well that is irritating.

Twitter: @TravisinaB7
trevor travis
Just listening to the Behind The Scenes bit now! Dear old Paul Darrow!
trevor travis
There you go. The planet Vere gave Paul a good chuckle.
Travisina wrote:

Is Clare not joining us tonight?

I had to look at a car, but I got stuck there longer than I’d hoped. And I didn’t buy it.

I was gutted to be missing this! I especially love these few stories coming up. The Fedorac idea is cool, and Travis is brilliantly cruel all through. But my favourite bits are all the insults between the crew, and especially Avon to Vila, and Vila getting his digs in at Avon.

Avon being interested in Vila’s body armer - which is a great idea, and they should all wear it on missions - then telling Blake he hadn’t cared to notice it, lol.

trevor travis wrote:

Just listening to the Behind The Scenes bit now! Dear old Paul Darrow!

I listened to the Extras as well (and caught up on the ones I'd missed) - it was lovely to hear Paul laughing at the references to Vere. And there were quite a few in the story.
Avon: "Not enough! Not nearly enough! Dammit, what weighs seventy kilos?"
Orac: "Vila weighs seventy-three kilos, Avon."
Avon: "Vila, are you here? I need your help."
I’m thinking Locklan made up the disintergrate-the-person-who-says-it protocol, as she needed to trick the crew into thinking she been disintegrated, rather than teleported - That would be insanely poor Health & Safety, even for the Federation! Avon was the only one with doubts, but he still took the risk on all their lives to make the service drones sprout "weapons" again and teleport (or disintegrate) them, lol.

I liked the bit where they’re taken prisoner, and are each in their own halucinogenic nightmare. It was a very short, but nicely explained by Blake and Avon having overcome their fears (plus the halucinogens weren’t very effective). Wise of Avon to only tell Blake that there was a gun in his dream, and not to mention who he shot with it for betraying him, lol.

The only bit I didn’t like, because it was so creepy and sad, was when Travis reunited Locklan with her sister, as she’d been promised.

Vila had a really good escape plan, and saved Blake and Avon! I can’t believe they’d forgot to teleport him back after that! Poor Vila. I hope he's ok left abandoned all alone, when he nightmare was about being left abandoned all alone Sad
Avon: "Not enough! Not nearly enough! Dammit, what weighs seventy kilos?"
Orac: "Vila weighs seventy-three kilos, Avon."
Avon: "Vila, are you here? I need your help."
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