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Started: 09 July 2016

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site idea - Horizon history page
firstly I'm the first to admit I have no idea of webspace & site costs so this idea may be impractical.

I thought it would be a nice idea to have a history of Horizon page or 2. It may seem self indulgent but I feel that we should not be embarrassed about how important Horizon has been in B7 fandom history.
One of the first fan groups going, the longest running. Plus I think we should celebrate the access that Horizon has had to cast & crew down the years.

The professional way its been run & presented & the dedication certain people have shown (Diane take a bow) to keeping it all alive.

It would be nice to have a feature detailing who & how it started. How it became recognised & respected by cast & fans a like.

Info on all the fanzines/newsletters/ merchandise its been involved with. How membership has risen & fallen down the years.
The social events and conventions

There's so much Horizon has given us and still does - i would love to know more about its birth & growth. How does it get so much access to the people in the show, who has created Horizon merchandise, how individual members have contributed down the years to keep things interesting

Maybe a thread can be created and when people have time articles can be posted taking one year at a time.

I'm no writer or have any insider knowledge but I have been a member off & on since pre internet days- I still have a large (but not complete) collection of Horizon newsletters which would help give some structure. Maybe I could start a word doc & send it to admin to see what they think??? Then we could build on it Smile
Hi wall1885,

Funny you should mention having a history of Horizon on the website. It is something the Supreme Commander has actually been working on for a while, and is definitely in the pipeline.

Last year I was commissioned to write a brief history of Horizon for the Big Finish magazine Vortex, which is still available to download free here...

...although admittedly my article faced some fierce competition in the shape of an interview with Paul Darrow in the same issue, so may have passed unnoticed!

So - an article is coming, but in the meantime why don't you - and other members - use this thread to share your own experiences and memories of being part of the Horizon community?
Twitter: @TravisinaB7
Tumblr: tumblr
A statement of fact cannot be insolent
ok- Ill start it off then............

I first heard about Horizon after writing to the B7 Production Office. I had been writing to them quite often since the show had started & they sent me a list of fan clubs.

It feels like a life time since I originally joined (I had a different name back then as well - family break up, but I wont bore you with the details- funnily enough I've actually been a Horizon member under 3 different names if you include my online persona - I always try to stay 1 step ahead of those Federation Death Squads)

If I remember correctly I originally joined whilst series 4 was on air.
My only other fan club experience wasnt a good one. I had previously been a member of DWAS (Dr Who Appreciation Society) & at a local gathering I was made to feel very insignificant & left out due to my age, this had put me off joining another fan club for a while. But I loved Blake's 7 & wanted to get a bigger fix than just the TV Shows & the few novels that were available.

At the time there were quite a few clubs to choose from & I honestly cannot remember why I chose Horizon. I thought it was a bit of a risk- it cost about 2 to join (I may be wrong about that) plus I had to supply 4 (I think) SAE's to receive the Horizon Newsletters. I was still at school at the time so this was a lot of money I was paying out for something I had no knowledge of.

Well I seem to remember a nice friendly welcoming letter & when I received my first newsletter I was a little unsure of whether it was worth my pocket money.

After a few issues I grew to love & look forward to each n/l arriving. I enjoyed the humor of the team behind Horizon. I always read the editorial first as this often made me giggle.

Almost every issue started with an apology for being late. I dont think I remember ever receiving an issue on time Grin

Each issue had news about the show (of course) & news on what the actors were doing outside of B7.

There was a regular 'spotlight' feature which was an interview with one of the main cast, these went on to also include the crew as well. I really enjoyed these. Dont forget back in the early 1980's there was no internet, only 3 TV Channels in the UK & the choice of sci-fi related magazines was small & B7 features in them were infrequent. So these interviews were excellent!

As the n/l grew & members contributed more & more the features got better and better.

I remember many 'how to build from scratch your own....' features incl guns & teleport bracelets. Many were beyond my capabilities but it was so enjoyable to read these articles & see what other fans were creating and to such a high standard

There was some really good fan fiction & fan art.

One person (Neil Faulkner, I believe) had even worked out a Liberator log for the televised stories. He had worked out his own idea of how fast ''time distort' & Standard By' speeds were & then proceeded to work out how long it took to travel from each stories destination to the next. I cant remember the exact details (I'll dig out my old n/l if you're really interested) but series 1 actually took place over a period of a couple of years since Blake had first left Earth for Cygnus Alpha. I loved the Liberator logs.They were great fun & a lot or work was put into them.

The n/l grew in the number of pages & went from a clipped together affair with a wrap around cover to having staples. Then it went glossy, & eventually color covers.

Horizon was also the best source of a wonderful choice of merchandise. Including many exclusives down the years. Scripts, Badges, photos, mugs, stamps, photos. Plus much much more.

Horizon was very unbiased in its approach to members letters- publishing many differing views. Very rarely did things become heated. It was a great source of joy reading the thoughts & opinions of other fans.

One of things I did love about the n/l was that you felt like you got to know the Horizon team on a personal level. I hope Diane doesnt mind me mentioning that I was around to hear the news of her 1st & 2nd born children. I got to know about many house moves & (many) word processing frustrations.

I do remember very clearly how I surprised I was that, in the beginning all the people that created, ran & worked on Horizon & it's n/l's appeared all to be women!!!

Please dont take that as a sexist comment on my part. Dont forget I was still at school & in my own personal experience the only people I knew of that were passionate about any form of science fiction were teenage boys or men in their 20's. Girls just werent interested in my World.

I applaud & Thank all of those, past & present, who made/make Horizon what it is, working hard on it in your own time & for no pay. Just because you have a great passion for the show.
I know that sometimes it must have become a burden but go on Admin admit it - you're proud of it & get great pleasure.

I havent been a constant member since I first joined. I disappeared for quite a few years in the 90's then returned in about 1999 ish - near the end of it's pre internet life. I'm glad I found the way back- I still think we have some of the most pleasant fans of any fandom

Horizon staff & members should be very proud of how important this fan club/Appreciation Society is & has been in Blake's 7 history. The recognition it has received from cast & crew, the BBC, B7 Media, Big Finish & too many others too mention from down the years.

Lets not forget the show originally finished in 1981. The series wasnt repeated, in the UK, until satellite TV came along & UK Gold re ran it.

Even the videos didnt come along until many years after B7 had concluded. Us fans had little to discuss for many years.

Thinking back we only had 3 fan audios featuring original cast, 2 Radio Adventures plus other fan made interview tapes to keep us going until the B7 Media audios turned up a few years back.

Horizon kept the show alive for me & many other fans during those wilderness years.

There are too many people to name but I really would like to say 'Well done!' & 'Thank You' to Pat Thomas & Diane Gies - you know what you've done Smile
Joe Dredd
Travisina wrote:
Last year I was commissioned to write a brief history of Horizon for the Big Finish magazine Vortex, which is still available to download free here...

...although admittedly my article faced some fierce competition in the shape of an interview with Paul Darrow in the same issue, so may have passed unnoticed!

I remember reading that. It is very hard to write a meaningful history with such a small word count allocation, and there are of course many helpers who all deserve a mention but understandably couldn't be for reasons of space, but I was a little surprised that the name 'Pat Thomas' didn't appear. Ah well, I'm sure we'll be able to read about her, and many others, in Diane's Horizon history once it's finished.

Until then however, I will raise a glass of vitazade and toast Pat and Diane, the Ophirs and Emerys (and the Isina), the mods, the helpers on the letterzine and the zines (Ms Puddle, are you still around?) and everything else, all the volunteers ever, the long-suffering spouses/SOs, and the whole Gies family for living with Horizon and (in my imagination at least) a house full of Horizon newsletters and zines and merchandise.
The Marvel B7 Monthly magazine published details of all the fan clubs in existence at the time (during the original broadcast of S4 and directly afterwards). An invaluable source of information for fans to get in touch with each other in those dark days after the programme finish.
briggsy1 wrote:

An invaluable source of information for fans to get in touch with each other in those dark days after the programme finish.

And of course in the dim and distant past before the invention of the internet...
Twitter: @TravisinaB7
Tumblr: tumblr
A statement of fact cannot be insolent
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