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UK Rewatch - B8 Hostage
trevor travis
The episode: Barney Eight - Hostage (Carry On Kissing Cousins)
The date: Tuesday, May 24th, 2022
The time: 7.45pm UK time

In which new outlaw Travis contacts Blake – but can he be trusted? Along with the way, we meet: Blake’s uncle; his old love, his cousin (fortunately there doesn't seem to be any six-fingered little Blake/Inga’s around); the Crimos (what happened to Travis’s Mutoids?), and Kevin Stoney. And watch out for the Polystyrene Rocks, the Maggie Thatcher Mutoids, and for the death stare of Jenna Stannis!

Episode in a word: The word is… TELEPORT! Of course.
Character to cheer: Councillor Joban makes a formidable political opponent to Servie – it’s a shame he’s only in a couple of scenes.
Characters to boo: Travis is exceptionally stupid in this episode. He used to want to kill Blake. Now he just imprisons him, until he has the chance to escape. And talking of stupid, Vila isn’t very bright in this episode either.
Is Soolin looking lovely this week?: Yes.
Recognisable Face: John Abineri (uncle Ushton) was Hubert, a regular in the final two seasons of Survivors. He also had a number of roles in Doctor Who, including playing the misguided General Carrington in “The Ambassadors Of Death", and was Rimmer's dad in "Red Dwarf".
Best line: “There's no-one as free as a dead man.”

Blake's 7 will return in… Carry On Ginger Mercenary
Vote Og.
Travis says that he wants to confer
While holding Blake’s kin prisoner
Alas kissin’ cousins leave poor Blake a puzzlin’
Is it cold in here or is it just her?
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