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Known Issues
Website Mutoid
User avatar not displaying in personal menu panel (and possibly other places). Believed to be a problem unique to site theme, still trying to isolate. Avatars display correctly in forums and elsewhere. FIXED

Not a bug, but no "last seen users" type panel (the one with the row of avatars and the time/date they were online) appears to be compatible with this version of PHP Fusion (V8). Several (all?) have been tried. If anyone with PHP coding experience wants to try to make a compatible panel, have at it!

16th Jan: SSL redirect through port 8081 causing broken links in auto-generated emails (threads you are tracking etc.). Under investigation. FIXED (I think!)

17th Jan: Workaround for broken links in site-generated emails if it still occurs is here:

18th Jan: Left side navigation pane text looks jumbled/scrunched for some people. Problem appears on non-mobile version of site and seems to be limited to those with small screens, screens set to low resolution, or on some (but not all) tablets. We think this is a theme issue, but are still investigating. Report it in the other thread, with the size/screen resolution associated if possible. Making browser window too small, or turning screen zoom up too high also seems to produce the same effect. It should not affect site function.
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