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Hyperdrive rewatch - episodes 1.5 and 1.6
So we all lost it for a while?

Oh well, I guess that's the end for this week. Hope you are all OK. See you next time!
"You're not sulking, I hope?"
Yes, sorry - I lost connection to this site, and the video kept freezing. But that was the best episode yet, I think. And I'm really interested to know where we go from here.
Oh, great - now it works again!
It seems that I was not the only one with connection problems. Sad

Which was a pity, as in particular York's ideas about a 'test of character' immediately brought up the picture of two guys in a shuttle who have to lower the mass by 70 kg...

Hope we have better luck next week for the baked beans episode...
trevor travis
Caught up on these two episodes.

I think Clare was my favourite of the two, a funny character piece, while Assessment was fun too - especially poor Vine being the victim of that prank!
Vote Og.
trevor travis
And nearly two weeks later "Kill The Humans" is still in my head!
Vote Og.
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