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Roj Blake

* It's time we really hurt the Federation. *

Freedom Fighter or Rebel?
Roj Blake, leading voice against the corrupt, oppressive Terran Federation, escaped aboard the abandoned highly advanced spacecraft, the Liberator, with Jenna Stannis and Kerr Avon, and later recruited Olag Gan, Vila Restal and Cally.
He disappeared during the Andromedan War and was found on the planet Gauda Prime in the final episode.
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Blake needed help with his mental health issues. Here is a man who became the only credible leader of the fight against the Federation oppression. He was captured, tortured, drugged and brain washed, forced to renounce his beliefs then had a 2nd treatment. He was, partly, brought back to his 'senses' in a thoroughly brutal way: the revelation that his family had been murdered and were not living on another planet, that he had been lied to about this and then witnessing the massacre of his former friends and allies. If he got a bit paranoid later, can we blame him?
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