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I Don't Do Sci-Fi - Podcast: Episode 3 - Blake's 7
Available now: The latest episode of the podcast I co-host with my friends Rebecca Wray, and Dani Wray.

Dani's not a Sci-Fi fan. So, each episode, Rebecca and I, and a guest show her a classic film or TV show to see if she'll change her ways!

Episode 3: Blake's 7

Sci-Fi shows do like their numbers: Space Island 1, Moonbase 3, VR-5, Deep Space 9... not that Dani would normally watch any of these.

But now we've introduced her to Blake's 7! The hit BBC 1 show from 1978-1981 created by Terry Nation. Described as a space opera version of 'The Dirty Dozen', it followed the adventures of freedom fighter Roj Blake, and his gang of thieves, smugglers, and terrorists as they take on the totalitarian Terran Federation.

Blake's 7 became the archetypal British science fiction. A dystopic vision of the future created from a miniscule budget of wobbly sets and pleather costumes. But also loaded with great adventures, uncompromising characters and superb writing.

We're joined in this episode by our guest Will Hadcroft, writer, and Blake's 7 devotee.

So listen in, and discover if '7' will prove to be Dani's lucky number!
For those watching/listening to the version on YouTube, there's an 'exclusive' Easter Egg at 27' 48"...
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Joe Dredd
When do we get to see the whole video?
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