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As Sunday was Brian Croucher's 80th birthday, I decided to watch Trial last night. Brian has always said it was his favourite episode and definitely I think his strongest performance - that look he gives Servalan! It's been a long time since I've watched Trial and I really enjoyed it. The supporting cast/characters were all very good, the interplay between the crew is excellent, and it's great to have Rontane and Bercol back. I really like the episodes where we see inside the Federation. Thania is really interesting, kind of like the love-child of Travis and Servalan but who didn't turn out as either of them would have hoped. What I enjoy least about the episode is the stuff with Zil. How does she speak the same language as Blake? Gareth Thomas was of course a fine actor and I think Claire Lewis does very well as Zil and I think they could have done that part of the story without any dialogue if the programme makers had been a bit braver. Overall, I really enjoyed watching Trial again. Thank you Brian, and happy birthday! Just wondered what other people think of Trial.
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Thanks for starting this thread, Deva, and asking what I and others think of the episode.

I can see why Brian Croucher thought this episode was his favourite, and your view (which I agree with) that it was his strongest performance. I got the feeling that he was enjoying himself at the time! There was a very high standard of acting, both by the regular cast, and by the guest actors, particularly Kevin Lloyd as Trooper Par. He showed an honest and chilly awareness of the Federation, and revealed an interesting relationship between him and Travis, his former commanding officer. It was completely respectful on both sides, but with a complete absence of sentimentality.

Also of a very high standard was the writing by Chris Boucher. While Blake's group's attack on Space Command was a short term success, it was a long term failure. It ensured, first, that Travis was able to escape, allowing him to pursue Blake’s group and later to betray the human race to the Andromedans. Second, by killing those in the courtroom at Travis’s trial, except Travis himself, it ensured the end of a possible attempt to blame Servalan for her failure to deal with Blake and his people. Ironically, they did Servalan’s dirty work for her! Third, Blake marooning himself, weaponless, on an unknown planet, without telling the others what he was doing, was thirdly ironic, as well as disturbing; because it showed the same kind of behaviour that got Gan killed, of his again making decisions without consulting people.

Trial is, in my opinion, an excellent episode, one of my favourite of the series and of the second season.

Trial is Brian's high water mark. In fact, it may be Travis' high water mark0. In part because of a brilliant script by Chris Boucher. The exposition is given by two guards, and two hangers on, ala Hamlet, and works well to establish the main players, the back story, and provide foreshadowing. I would have liked to see more of Travis, and less of Blake and Zil.

Brian was in a no win situation in taking on the role, as he would always be compared to his predecessor, Steven Greif, who by and large got better stories.

Trial is 'can't miss' for any B7 fan.
I agree that Trial is a 'can't miss' episode; because it was an excellent follow up to the turning point, and low point, of Pressure Point. As Blake said, thanks to Gan's death, every Federation trooper and bounty hunter now knew they were vulnerable, hence the reason for attacking Space Command. While a good idea, it let Travis escape, and Servalan off the hook...

In terms of Blake and Zil, I liked the character of the latter, and the fact that the planet was itself a huge organism. But I thought, even when I watched it for the first time as a child, that Blake was exceedingly stupid to go somewhere almost unknown, for his people to then get him out of the mess he teleported himself into (or onto).Sad
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