Big Finish: The Worlds of Blake's 7 - Heroes and Villains Out Now!
Big Finish

RELEASED TODAY! The Worlds of Blake’s 7: Heroes and Villains

Big Finish have today released the latest audio boxset in their Worlds of Blake's 7 range. This box set stars Sally Knyvette as Jenna and Jan Chappell as Cally, in stories by Trevor Baxendale, Mark B Oliver and Andrew Smith.

Unscrupulous bounty hunter. Cunning rogue trader. Sadistic interrogator. They’re adversaries to avoid, but now they’ve found Jenna Stannis and Cally.
The Amagons deceive enemies and allies alike. Dorian’s glamour disguises his danger. And there’s no hiding Shrinker’s brutal intentions. These villains will have no mercy when they encounter our heroes.

1. The Amagon Queen by Trevor Baxendale
Smugglers. Slave-traders. Bounty hunters. Jenna Stannis knows from personal experience that you just can’t trust the Amagons. So why has she delivered herself alone into the hands of the infamous Amagon Queen? And can Cally help her escape before a Federation commander and his ruthless mutoid track them all down?

2. The Deal with Dorian by Mark B Oliver
Jenna and Cally need supplies to repair the damaged Liberator, and treacherous dealer Dorian is the only one who can help. But he has dangerous plans of his own at a remote Federation research station. Will Cally and Jenna realise the danger they’re in before they fall under Dorian’s influence?

3. Everyone Talks to Shrinker by Andrew Smith
Captured and alone, Jenna is defenceless in the Federation’s clutches. Cally’s desperate to find her friend - and they are both far from the Liberator. In a hostile Federation battleground, Jenna discovers there can be no escape from her cruel interrogator - the notorious Shrinker.

Script Editor and Producer Peter Anghelides said: “The reaction to Cally and Jenna’s adventure together in The Clone Masters was great — from listeners and also Jan Chappell and Sally Knyvette! We decided to do three new adventures for them together, foregrounding the characters in a way that perhaps the TV series didn’t always manage to do.
“As it’s The Worlds of Blake’s 7, we also wanted to do a further exploration of some opponents who we wish had got more screen time on the telly. Our adventures put Jenna and Cally together with characters and scenarios in each story that are echoed and reflected through all three.”

Heroes and Villains is available now on CD and download at pre-order discount prices exclusively from Big Finish.