Jacqueline Pearce in The Precious Things
B7 Cast and Crew

A rare chance to see ‘The Precious Things’, starring Jacqueline Pearce!

On the afternoon of Saturday 10th December 2022 , as part of their salute to the BBC Centenary, the British Film Institute presents a rare screening of ‘The Precious Things’, a sensual period drama starring Jeremy Brett, Geoffrey Bayldon and Jacqueline Pearce.

This BFI Archive version is remastered from an original telerecording from 1967. They have remastered sound and visual elements from an original 35mm telerecording of this outstanding play from the Theatre 625 series of prestigious dramas. This was the second and only surviving part of The Magicians, a trio of unconnected plays about magic and magicians, written by Don Taylor. In this sensual period drama, con man and cod-magician Casanova hatches an elaborate plan to seduce a farmer’s daughter. Jeremy Brett turns in a characteristically rich and eccentric performance as the mesmerising seducer, with Jacqueline Pearce equally commanding as the object of his desire.

Director: Herbert Wise, BBC 1967, 91 mins.

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