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Match your Memory Games
Since I re-posted the B7-Christmas-costumes game in the 2022 B7 Advent Calendar thread, I thought you might like to have the other games back again too.
So here they are to entertain you!

Click on the image to start your game.

Match the Pairs
The first ever MtP game I made for you.
Can you find your way through Liberator’s corridors ?

Match the Titles
Can you match the image to its episode title?

Match the Pairs
Blakes 7 Space ships! Have a safe flight!

and the Christmas version here again
Match the Christmas Costumes
Can you match the character with his/her cosplay?

Enjoy, there is more to follow…
Those were quite a lot of fun, Lurena! Though I was too busy trying not to snicker at the pictures in the costume one to concentrate. Grin
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