Happy Birthday Colin Baker

Happy Birthday, Colin!
8th June

Obituary – Roy Boyd (Zukan – Warlord) - 18 August 1938 – 27 April 2024
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Obituary – Roy Boyd (Zukan – Warlord) - 18 August 1938 – 27 April 2024

Roy James Boyd, who played Zukan in the S4 episode ‘Warlord’ has sadly died, aged 85.


Happy Birthday, Jan!
7th June
Have a wonderful day


Happy Birthday, Steven!
5th June

To celebrate Steven's birthday this year, Big Finish has chosen 5th June to release The World of Blake’s 7: Tarrant, which explores the life of the cunning space pilot from his time with the Federation to the Liberator. See the separate post (below this post) for more information about this release starring Steven Pacey.

Worlds of Big Finish - Tarrant
Big FinishFrom the Federation to the Liberator, The World of Blake’s 7: Tarrant explores the life of the cunning space pilot, and is released today from Big Finish Productions.

Soldier, Federation Space Commander, smuggler, freedom fighter. Del Tarrant has challenged convention throughout his many careers in a hostile galaxy.

These are the stories of his choices and challenges, his friends and family and foes, on an unpredictable journey to the Liberator and beyond.

The Worlds of Blake’s 7: Tarrant is a box set of full-cast audio drama, in which Steven Pacey returns to the role he originally played in seasons 3 & 4 of the classic BBC science fiction TV series Blake’s 7.

Across 3 brand-new episodes, listeners will encounter Tarrant as a young man already dealing with a complicated past, as a Federation Commander investigating a potentially alien spaceship, and as a new member of the Liberator crew bonding with Dayna Mellanby (Yasmin Bannerman, returning on audio to the character originally played on TV by Josette Simon).

The Worlds of Blake’s 7: Tarrant is now available to own as a collector’s edition 3-disc CD box set (+ download for just £22.99) or as a digital download only (for just £18.99), exclusively from www.bigfinish.com.
CONTINUE READING for information on the stories, cast & cast photos

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