Which breed of cat would they be? by Anniew

Blake's Cats, by Anniew

Siberian cat. Large. Rounded body. Extremely powerful. Impressive purr. Playful with family - especially cousins.

The Selkirk Rex is a possibility because it looks as if it's having a bad hair day but it's apparently huggable so the Snowshoe cat (above) seems more appropriate . Medium size, built for running, unique markings and note that glare.

The Singapura. Ethereal colour...angelic face...large, captivating eyes.

VILA: household cat. Non-pedigree but loveable. Highly intelligent and curious.

CALLY: LaPerm. Elegant and athletic with shaggy waves.

GAN: The Chartreux. Stocky, robust, gentle but a good ratter with a feral history.

The Selkirk Rex. Easy going...relaxed...curly... thinks it's the master of the house.

DAYNA: Burmese...playful...energetic....athletic...very mischievous.

SOOLIN: The Australian Mist. Chosen mainly for its elegance, its colouring and the fact it' s a new breed which shows devotion to its owners.

SERVALAN: Ragdoll cat. Elegant posture and tail, amazing eyes and goes limp when cradled in the arms of a real man.

TRAVIS 1: The Nibelung or 'creature of the mist' Cat. Rather sinister.

TRAVIS 2: Exotic shorthair. Coat described as 'thick and dense'. ‘Nuff said.