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How to create a forum signature
Joe Dredd
A signature allows you to text at the end of every message you post. It could be a favourite quote from the show, the link to your personal website, a fun fact or something you'd like to share about yourself.

To add a signature to your profile:

1. Log on to the Horizon website.

2. Click the "Edit Profile" link that appears under the "Personal Menu" on the left-hand side of the screen. It's just down a little bit from your avatar image or big initial.

(You can click on these images to make them easier to see.)

3. Once you are on the "Edit Profile" screen, you will see the Signature field at the very bottom. Type your snappy message in here! There are some extra buttons underneath that will let you make the text bold or italic, or centered or a different colour. You can also do other things such as make a link to another website clickable.

Once you have finished, click the "Update Profile" button.

4. Whenever you type a message on the forum, you now have the option to "Show My Signature in this Post".

4a. If you leave it ticked, your signature will appear at the bottom of your post.

4b. You can untick "Show My Signature in this Post" to stop it appearing under a particular message. If you want to stop your signature from posting at all, go back to "Edit Profile" and delete it, making sure to click the "Update Profile" button.
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