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Cygnus Bazza's new book

Some of you may remember Cygnus Bazza, occasional member of Horizon, (currently on another break), for his hilariously clever ficlets and other contributions.

In real life he's a historian and a professional writer, more widely known for his books on the Eurovision Song Contest. His latest publication, 'The Plums of Plato', showcases his talent for comedy in a spoof translation of some 'recently discovered manuscripts' that explore the private life of Plato, the Greek philosopher.

Taking as his starting point the first lines of Plato's 'Republic', 'I went down to the Piraeus yesterday...' Bazza provides us with a hilarious and erudite romp through the Classics, exploring the Greek penchant for nudity to the full. Outrageous philosophical in-jokes and terrible puns throughout, with the useful conceit of the 'Professor' always available to take the blame.

My favourite part is the 'very unusual glossary' - a who's who of Ancient Greece seen through modern eyes. For example,
Hoplite - A heavily-armed foot soldier in Ancient Greece. Did not actually hop. Unless perhaps hampered by a leg injury...
Nike (pronouned Nee-keh) - the Greek goddess of victory. not to be confused with A-dee-das or Spor-teeng-dye-rect....

Definitely not PG13, and with no less than two Blake's 7 references for the eagle-eyed among you, it's a book that keeps on giving. Available from Amazon.
"You're not sulking, I hope?"
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