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Fan Fiction: A Second Chance by Clare Juland
"I’ve never met a genuine rebel before. You’re much more handsome than the wanted list portrays you."

Fan Fiction: A Time for Every Matter by Anniew - part one
Winter comes early to Gauda Prima. The thin sun barely penetrates the dense canopy of fir trees and the shadows it throws are cold. At least it's not snowing yet. Vila, huddled miserably in the dank corner of the derelict hut that serves for their shelter, remembers similar days on Terminal and misses the skills that Dayna and Tarrant had with twigs.

Fan Fiction: A Time for Every Matter by Anniew - Part Two
They are all plastered a blotchy brown from the mud. The stuff stinks and pulls as it dries, but according to Soolin, this makes for effective camouflage. That's good, although unnecessary, in Vila's opinion.

Fan Fiction: All The Days of Christmas by Judith M Seaman
Grimly, Orac started checking Christmas customs in an effort to discover exactly what he could expect over the next few days.

Fan Fiction: Animal Nature by Andrew Williams
"We'll have to do something about the body," replied Soolin in equally hushed tones. "For Dayna's sake. We can't leave it here for those creatures to maul."

Fan Fiction: Ascendancy by Clare Juland
Avon had a myriad of questions. Who was Keera, he wondered? And why had she bothered to rescue them?

Fan Fiction: Avon's Smile - Part Two by Anniew
On four separate occasions, Avon smiles... Companion piece to Soolin's Thoughts on the same occasions

Fan Fiction: Backache by Anniew
Vicious spasms lock his position as effectively as a vice. He's stuck, bent like an old man, and he can't think what to do

Fan Fiction: Capchered Agane by Neil Faulkner
Geting capchered happen all the time one soon learn to spot warning sines.

Fan Fiction: Emarta by Website Mutoid
"My name is Drex," he says. "You’re on my ship – the Shrike. I’m taking you to Emarta – a rebel stronghold."

Fan Fiction: Empty Chairs by Jackie Emery
Blake caught the paper before it fluttered to the floor, smoothed it out and began to read. He looked back at Vila in astonishment. "Gan wrote a will?"

Fan Fiction: Endings and Closures: Part 1 - Many A Slip by Peladon
We have been waiting for months now for the final player, the missing piece, and today we have it.

Fan Fiction: Endings and Closures: Part 2 - The Visitor by Peladon
there are some wounds that do not heal but merely change

Fan Fiction: Endings and Closures: Part 3 - Monument by Peladon
Soft footfalls behind her told her that she was no longer alone...

Fan Fiction: Entry Point by winnie-l
"Since Zen's not responding, he doesn't detect any problem. Yet. Right?"

Fan Fiction: Extra Time by Andrew Williams
"I calculate that the next star in the sequence is Cygnus XL. That's a black hole."

Fan Fiction: How to be Topp on the Liberatar by Neil Faulkner
Blake ignore me he hav thort up this plan weeks ago and nothing will stop him.

Fan Fiction: Kitchen Duties by Saba
"...we all share the kitchen and that doesn’t clean itself. Are there any volunteers to keep it clean?”

Fan Fiction: Loose Ends by Andrew Williams
Heat-haze shimmered off the unimpressive fused plastarmac landing field, the unimpressive freighters squatting upon it, and the unimpressive port authority buildings surrounding it...

Fan Fiction: Matter of Perception by Andrew Williams
Avon looked up, using an arm to shield his eyes. "Servalan!" he hissed at the face on the screen.

Fan Fiction: Mature Whine by Susan Bowden
“It’s never a hot, sandy beach,” complained Vila. “I can’t remember the last time I wore shorts..."

Fan Fiction: Pity the Fool by Website Mutoid
Cally is dead and the night is so very cold and dark.

Fan Fiction: Recognition by Saba
“I’m staying,” Blake said softly.

Fan Fiction: Rehearsal by Jackie Emery
Where was Gan? Blake glanced into a cabin. Empty...

Fan Fiction: Rescue Who by Brad D. Black
“It appears to be some sort of communications device,” Orac explained, “but there is more to this than meets the eye. Its mass is much too great for its size.”

Fan Fiction: Streetcorner Girl by Loulou Harris
I was just a kid back then, a spotty-faced, greasy eleven year-old squirt but hey, even I had my eye on a knife.

Fan Fiction: Tarrant's Blog, Part Two by Clare Juland
In the end Vila got me out, but not Cally. I'm angry, both at myself for failing her and at Servalan for causing it.