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Articles: Blake's 7 Analysis
B7 Classic - A very different Avon?
Judith Galloway (Website Mutoid) gives her views on how Avon's character changed during Season Four.

B7 Classic: Blake - Hero, Villain or Hypocrite? by Henry Eggleton
(Blake) said he used peaceful methods to oppose the Federation, yet he was apparently captured after he led a raid upon a Federation Conditioning Centre.

B7 Classic: ORAC: Dorian's 7 by Shaqui Le Vesconte
Shaqui Le Vesconte's intriguing alternative to Blake's 7

B7 Classic: Avon – My Terrible Aspect by Purple Cleric
'...every fan builds a picture in their mind's eye of the characters and the world they inhabit...Here's a peek into mine, featuring a character very close to my heart...'

B7 Classic: Jenna Stannis by Brad Black
Jenna is the link between the beautiful, but largely one dimensional 'Bridge Bunnies' of early sci fi, and the capable, self sufficient female characters of modern sci fi. Analysis by Brad Black

B7 Classic: Relationships by M.G. HARRIS
'...we are asked to believe that six youngish, fairly attractive and interesting individuals are thrown together, share life threatening adventures, danger and triumph and never seduce each other. In real life this wouldn't happen.'