Out Now from Big Finish: The Worlds of Blake's 7 - After the War
Big Finish

OUT NOW FROM BIG FINISH: The Worlds of Blake’s 7: After the War

Big Finish have today released After the War, the latest in their Worlds of Blake's 7 range. This set stars Sally Knyvette as Jenna, Jan Chappell as Cally, and Brian Croucher as Travis, in stories written by Trevor Baxendale, Steve Lyons and Katharine Armitage.

The galactic war has unexpected repercussions. Humanity struggles. The Federation is reeling. And enemies are still at large. Jenna Stannis, Cally and Space Commander Travis each have their own startling encounter with an alien threat from a distant world...

After the War is available now on CD and download at pre-order discount prices exclusively from Big Finish.
Our spoiler-free review is HERE

Out Now! Bayban the Butcher - Bayban Ascending Novel
Big Finish

The Worlds of Blake's 7 - Bayban the Butcher: Bayban Ascending
by Nigel Fairs

Celebrating a decade of Blake's 7 at Big Finish, the second of three collectable tie-in novels in the Worlds of Blake's 7 range was released today, and is now available as a handsome hardback and eBook from from Big Finish here: Bayban Ascending Novel.

The audiobook version, read by Colin Baker, is still available on CD and Download from Big Finish here. Our spoiler-free review is here: Bayban Ascending Audiobook

The full cast audio drama box set, Bayban the Butcher, starring Colin Baker, Sally Knyvette, Michael Keating and Stephen Greif is available on CD and Download here, and our spoiler-free review is here: Bayban the Butcher.

Horizon Advent Calendar 2022
Blake's 7 News Horizon Advent Calendar, 2022.

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Big Finish B7 Price Reductions
Big FinishPermanent reductions on several Blake's 7 ranges!

Some Liberator Chronicles from £19.99 down to £11.99, Remnants (on download) now only £4.99.
Plus various CD box sets.

Read on for details.

To visit the Big Finish offer page click: HERE
Gareth Thomas in 'How Green Was My Valley'
B7 Cast and CrewGareth Thomas before Blake!

How Green Was My Valley, an adaptation of Richard Llewellyn’s 1939 novel, is now showing on iPlayer as part of the the #BBC100 celebrations, after screening on BBC4. Gareth Thomas has a major role as Rev. Gruffydd in all 6 episodes of the TV mini-series made in 1975-6.

Available on iPlayer until October 2023 CLICK